Combe Florey Police Report

27 /04-Harassment Milverton-Under Investigation.

30/04 –Anti Social Behaviour Milverton-No offences for monitoring.

30/04 Theft and Handling-2 Males asked Inft for a lift from a car park in Milverton and said they would steal the car if not.Inft drove off with youths banging the window of the car-Under Investigation.

Please note 3 x more thefts from motor vehicles at Monument Hill and Triscombe car parks-please leave valuables at home or take the items with you.

Following recent thefts of sheep handling equipment in our Force area, please remember to check livestock and equipment regularly and report any suspicious activity to Police immediately.

We would welcome any information regarding suspicious activity and this can be done via 101, via text on 07492 888109 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

23/04-Halse Non dwelling Burglary –reported now believe happened 17th April early hours

18/03 -Milverton. Sexual Offences –Investigated.

21/03 - Lydeard St Lawrence. Domestic

22/03 - Milverton. RTC Burn Hill

23/03 - Milverton. Assault-Investigated.

27/03- Bathealton. Historical Domestic Abuse reported


01/0 - Runington ./Milverton. RTC R/K ran off from vehicle on its roof between

04/04-08/04- Milverton.Non Dwelling Burglary x 2-one was an empty pump house and another a shed that did not contain anything of interest.

11/04-12/04-West Bagborough.Non Dwelling Burglary x 2- items taken-Victim contact,Crime prevention and local enquiries etc. .Intelligence gathering and data being collected.Nightime patrols.Footprint obtained from one of the incidents.

15/04-Ash Priors.Assault –Under Investigation

16/04-17/04 -Ash Priors. Non Dwelling Burglary x 3 –break in to sheds –Garden equipment stolen from 2 Nothing stolen from the 3rd-Local Enquiries.NHW informed and Parish Council, Victim contact and crime prevention advice and reassurance given-ongoing investigation into Rural Crime.

18/04-22/04-Milverton. Public Safety Welfare-Under Investigation.

22/04-Lydeard St Lawrence. Public Safety Welfare-Under Investigation.

Please be aware we have had sporadic reports of vehicles being broken into at popular beauty spots the most recent being Seven Sisters ,Cothelstone Hill where valuables were on display-Police are working closely with agencies such as the Quantock Rangers on patrols and crime prevention advice to the public. Signs are being updated and displayed at locations.

Can you help beat rural crime? Community intelligence campaign launch

A&SC have launched a new Rural Crime Community Intelligence Campaign recently. The campaign is being run jointly with the independent charity Crimestoppers with the aim of encouraging people to provide information in the fight against livestock theft.

Inspector Jo Mines, who currently leads the Rural Crime Team, said: “Livestock theft, and rural crime in general, affects the livelihoods of farmers, smallholders and rural businesses.

“We are asking rural communities to help us by providing information and intelligence about suspected crime in their area. We know not everyone is comfortable having contact with us, but in that instance please do get in touch with Crimestoppers if you have information that can help.”

Gordon Chisholm, Regional Manager for Crimestoppers South West, said: “Many people think that we are part of the police or a TV programme but we are neither, we are an independent charity, which allows anyone to pass on information about crime anonymously. “We cannot trace or record any call and we never ask for your name or where you live, no one will ever know where the information came from and you could qualify for a reward of up to £1,000 if your information leads to an arrest and charge.”

A&SC added: “We want to hear from anyone who has information about any suspicious or potentially criminal activity in their area, for example - details of people/vehicles seen behaving suspiciously, vehicles moving livestock at odd times of the day or night, potentially stolen goods or animals being offered for sale either to the public or at markets, sightings of stolen vehicles we might put out an alert for.

“No matter how small or insignificant people may think information is, it may be a vital piece of a jigsaw that helps us fill in the gaps and either prevent a crime or bring offenders to justice”

How can you get in touch?

• Pass on information at:

• Call us on 101 for non-emergencies

• Text the Rural Crime Team on 81819 (please note this number will change to 07492 888109 at the end of March)

• Contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

• Or visit

• Always dial 999 if a crime is in progress or someone is in danger

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