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Somerset Fingerpost Restoration Project

Do you want to become involved with preserving the historic fingerposts in Combe Florey?

Somerset County Council is currently co-ordinating a project aimed at surveying and refurbishing all historic finger post signs within the county. This involves carrying out a condition survey on each individual finger post; identifying the work required to restore it; and, where practically possible, carrying out those restoration works.

The survey and refurbishment work involved will be carried out in each parish area by local volunteers. Somerset County Council is providing training workshops to assist these volunteers so that surveys and refurbishment works can be carried out competently and safely. Only volunteers who have successfully completed a training workshop will be allowed to carry out survey and refurbishment works on finger post signs

Training workshops are scheduled for Tuesday the 18th July 2017 at Ruishton and Tuesday the 25th July at Somerton. The workshops are scheduled to start at 09.30 and finish at approximately 13.30.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project, please contact the Parish Clerk, Claire Morrison-Jones, for further details

Email :

Telephone : 0183 601495

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